Newark Pump Station

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Wayne, NJ


Project Type
Generator Installation


Project Scope
Prime installation of a 1500kW standby diesel generator to back up pump station owned/operated by City of Newark.

It has two main loads – 1) 2000A MCC fed through a 3000A automatic transfer switch  2) 5kV motor fed through a 2000kVA step-up transformer and a 1200A automatic transfer switch.

This project also included re-routing of a 10" sanitary sewer line and the installation of 620 linear feet of a 10' ornamental steel property fence.

Special Requirements
Created an elevated platform eight feet above finished grade for the generator due to its location in a flood plain. 

All shut-downs needed to be strictly coordinated because this pump station provides water to half of Wayne,NJ and all of Newark, NJ.